Easy to use, flexible and affordable software that helps you to manage the business of Care.

Eirmed – A Modern Platform for Modern Care

Eirmed is what happens when the most creative minds in Healthcare and Software share one vision

The team behind Eirmed have been producing Europe’s most innovative Healthcare software for over twenty years. We love what we do, and we think what you do, as Carers, is amazing. Eirmed embodies all that we know about how modern, user-friendly software can make life better for you and for those you take care of. We hope you love it.

Eirmed makes the difficult journey to consistently high-quality Care less challenging. More fun, too.

We designed Eirmed to help you spend as much time as possible actually supporting the vulnerable people you look after. So we’ve turned the administration workload that attends Care into simple, easy to use tools and workflows that help you to do twice as much in half the time. All to a consistently high standard and with minimal effort.

Eirmed has been designed to embrace the little differences that make Carers unique

Eirmed puts all sorts of powerful Care delivery and management tools at your fingertips, but these tools have been designed to work the way you want them to. We don't make one-size-fits-all solutions, and whilst we are delighted to make your life a little easier, we don't want to make it prescriptive. Our flexible platform can take on board an infinite variety of content, workflows, and processes, and each Eirmed subscriber can enjoy an experience that is utterly unique.

Eirmed isn’t just market-leading software – it’s a doorway to endless amazing possibilities.

Eirmed puts you, your Care teams, your Clients and your organisation onto one connected platform that is highly effective and efficient. But that’s just part of the story. Eirmed makes full use of mobile technology to enrich your Care records with video, audio and dictated notes; to connect those in your Care with their families, Pharmacists and Doctors, to help manage your planning, rotas, training, HR administration, Health & Safety duties and billing. Where we go is limited only by our imaginations and we are looking forward to hearing your ideas.

"The details are not the details. They make the design."

- Charles Eames

Eirmed makes tough and exhausting simple and engaging whilst helping you do things better than ever

Eirmed has been built for real Care environments, and we continuously capture and analyse feedback to make sure that our systems and content are comprehensive, easy to use and practical. Eirmed’s Care documents are vetted by more than 50 Medical Practitioners, our compliance content has been subject to review by Care Policy makers at Government level and our software is subject to the rigorous standards of performance and security demanded by CE Certification.

We marry everything we know and everything you tell us with the latest tools and technology to create software that is beautifully simple, and simply beautiful. We're very proud of Eirmed, and we hope you love it.

"Start by doing what’s necessary; then do what’s possible; and suddenly you are doing the impossible."

- Francis of Assisi

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