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It's Good To Be Different

Systems only work when they're used, and they're only used when they work. We designed Eirmed to be used by making it work with you, the way you need it to - no matter who you are or how you do things.

Flexibility Is At The Heart Of Everything We Do

At Eirmed, we don't just accept that everyone is different, we embrace it. We have a lot of experience developing solutions for Healthcare teams, and we know deeply that in the incredibly diverse and people-centric Care sector, there is always more than one way to a great outcome. This concept permeates all the systems that we build, and Eirmed has been carefully designed to reflect a wide range of working practices and philosophies.

"Why fit in when you were born to stand out?"

- Dr. Seuss

At Eirmed, Making Our System Yours Is About More Than Adding Your Logo

Change Everything As You See Fit

Eirmed allows you limitless scope to describe the roles and responsibilities of your staff members and the organisational structure of your Care service. This way, you can customise what everyone sees in your system and how they see it.

Flexible Task Management

Eirmed's Task Manager allows you to describe in all the detail that you like, not just what should be done, by whom and when, but also exactly how you would like tasks performed along with prompts for the data you want to collect.

Fully Customisable EHR Dashboard

Eirmed's Electronic Health Record is built around a customisable 'dashboard' that allows you to tailor how each Resident's file is presented to staff, depending on what is relevant or important.

Easy Amendments And Version Control

Eirmed's Policies and Procedures are all editable and you can amend them as you please. Eirmed makes version control easy, and our Compliance experts are always on hand for consultation and input should you require.

Custom Forms For Every Occasion

Eirmed comes with a wide variety of the forms that you need, often in multiple variants and all of them digital, so repetitive details are automatically filled in for you. Eirmed has a Form Editor that allows you to build your own digital forms and collect the data you want the way you want it.

Evolving Through Your Use

The more you use Eirmed, the more it optimises itself to the way you like to do things. Favourite documents are segregated for easy access, and staff members become associated with the people they Care for, the skills they have and the things they do.

Need Even More?

If you have a complex Care organisation with a large number of staff, or if you deal with some very specific needs in a specific way, we would be delighted to speak with you about the ways that Eirmed could be more substantially customised to reflect your specific requirements.