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Providing Care Is Complex And Expensive,

Eirmed Helps Keeping Things Simple And Affordable

Care delivery is tough, it's full-time and it consumes a lot of expensive physical resources. Eirmed helps you to make the best possible use of the resources you have, and it provides opportunities to eliminate a lot of unnecessary cost.

Just A Few Of The Ways Eirmed Could Save Expense:


Paperwork doesn't just eat up a lot of your time, it eats money every time you buy it, print it, file it, store it, post it or copy it. If this sounds like a trivial expense, it isn't. Particularly if you are paying for commercially produced Forms and Records. Eirmed allows you to free yourself from these costs and to become as paper-free as you'd like.


No matter what system you use to record Care and demonstrate Compliance, it needs regular review and update. We think Eirmed subscribers should take it as a given that they are always using its most up to date content, so we don't charge update fees. Whenever you'd like to create or amend your own content, we've built Eirmed to help you do this easily, quickly and seamlessly. Easy version control, instant distribution, no paperwork and no confusion.

Working Efficiently

The people you employ to deliver Care are the most important cost that you have, and managing this cost is key to the survival of your business. Eirmed helps your Staff to be more productive individually, but it also helps your Managers to make best use of personnel by providing great overview of staff activity, skillset and availability. This information is married with organisational need to help ensure you always have the right people in the right place at the right time.

Logistics & Travel

Using Eirmed and the mobile devices on which it runs, it's almost impossible to quantify how much running around and travel you could save - whether it's simply a thousand trips downstairs to find paperwork, or Doctors spared Home visits because live notes, photos, video and vitals can now be shared instantaneously. Anyone sharing tour Eirmed portal can instantly request or access all the details and resources that they need from wherever they are.

One Solution To Many Problems

Eirmed has been designed as and end-to-end solution, and it will offer all of the resources and back-up you need to meet your Resident Care, Human Resource Management, Health & Safety, Compliance Auditing and Quality Control requirements. This doesn't just keep everything and everyone connected and up to date, it will save you money on the subscription rates that you currently pay.