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Protecting What You Care About,

Means Keeping It Safe.

Eirmed has been built to the highest standards of data protection possible. No other Healthcare software provider is able to keep your data safer from loss, theft or compromise than Eirmed.

Safer Than Houses

The team behind Eirmed have been creating software solutions for Healthcare providers for decades. We have a lot of experience with all of the issues that surround keeping Healthcare and Financial data safe, and data protection is a crucial part of what we do. Many of our clients are multi-national, so we have become experts at developing data safeguards that are relevant to and compliant with the highest possible Global standards. As a result, Eirmed comes with the best Data Protection features in the Care sector.

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"The precondition of freedom, is security."

- Rand Beers

Eirmed's Standard Data Protection & Security Protocols

Eirmed's Data Security model is fully end-to-end and is the result of 20 years' practical experience dealing with sensitive Healthcare data.

Eirmed has been designed to allow you to customise who in your Care organisation gets access to what information. Defined by criteria that you designate, all of the content in Eirmed is as open or restricted as you need it to be.

Eirmed's data is backed-up every 15 minutes and is fully encrypted both 'in flight' and 'at rest'. Eirmed's back-up strategy is also mirrored to ensure no data loss or corruption during the transmission and storage processes.

All the data you put into EIrmed is encrypted 'on the fly', meaning it's encrypted as you record it. It is then both transmitted and stored to AES-256 standard levels of encryption that ensure your data's safety at all times.

Eirmed and all of its IT providers have completed ISO 27001, SSAE-16, SOC 1, SOC 2 and SOC 3 Certifications. Eirmed's internal have obtained ISO 9001:2015 status.

Additional Data Protection & Security Options

If you are looking for more bespoke security and restricted access options, we offer a range of additional features and technologies that can be tailored into a package that suits your needs - no matter what they might be.

Two factor authentication for each Eirmed system user in your organisation, for example through One Time Code Generators and identity checks via SMS

Bespoke device customisation to render Eirmed mobile devices inert outside of the appropriate Care environement

A fully local implementation of Eirmed for your organisation, so that all of your data is kept on-premises, or on-premises Care records as local only .pdfs