Who We Are

We are a team of engineers, developers, coders, compliance consultants, doctors, business analysts and Care experts, and we come from the UK, Ireland, Italy, Spain, Poland and France. Between us, we have several lifetimes’ worth of experience in all aspects of Care delivery - from hands-on Clinical Care to Advanced Care Systems Development, and we came together in 2014 to pool our enthusiasm, knowledge and experience and to realise a vision that we all shared:

to create the most modern, practical, simple to use and affordable software available in the Care sector

Never have fewer words described more work, but we love what we do and we are very proud that our efforts will make life easier and more rewarding for those that devote their working lives to caring for others.

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The Most Modern, Practical, Affordable Software In The Care Sector

The Core Team

Business Developer
Senior Designer
Graphics Artist
System Administrator

And Many More...

Something as complex and as involved as Eirmed is the result of the efforts of many people, and some of those people are shown below. In all, Eirmed is the cumulative work of over thirty people in Ireland, the UK, Spain, France and Italy, and out team continues to grow.

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Portrait of Marcus De Santis
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What We Do

We apply all the expertise and experience we have, all the great ideas that you share with us and we design and create modern software that works the way you need it to - on the smart phones and tablets that you're used to and in the Real World. Inventing and then exploring with you new ways to do things better is what we love to do.Where we take our software ultimately depends on you and what you tell us you need or would like, but our goal is to make Eirmed a steadfast and helpful companion to everything you do in Care, from Admission to Discharge, from Needs Assessment to complex Care Planning, from Medical Vital Recording to routine Daily Reporting and much more besides. We've made Eirmed flexible enough to adapt to anything that it is asked to do.Because we live in a time when technology is constantly changing, we make sure that we continuously test and investigate every way available to make life easier for you and better for those in your Care. This is how we make sure that Eirmed is always at the forefront of what’s possible and that you always have access to the best systems and tools on the market.

We Save Trees By Saving You The Hassle Of Working With Paper

What's Important

We listen. We have a lot of experience creating helpful solutions for healthcare professionals, but great ideas start with what you tell us, so we are always eager to hear about how you work and what would help you.

We put people first. Our Care solutions are about just that: Care, and all that you need to do to deliver it to the highest standard. We’ve built our platform around the people that you look after and the Care you provide them. Rotas, Billing and Administration are an important part of what we do, but we think these things should support and orbit the Care you provide rather than be at the centre of it.

Care is a complicated business, and you already have enough to do, so we make things easy. Easy to use, easy to understand and easy to implement.

Work With Us

If you'd like to learn more about Eirmed or if you'd like to see what it or the team behind it could do for your Care business, please get in touch.